Tricky Riddles With Answers

The thing about tricky riddles is that they’re, well, tricky. They’re designed to throw you for a loop by seemingly defying all logic. Some people are better at solving tricky riddles than others, but anyone can have fun trying. They are great for exercising your brain because they make you think differently than you normally would. The more riddles you solve, the better you become at solving the nest one.

They’re not just fun to solve, they’re also fun to create. Get your creative juices flowing and see if you can stump your friends. Before you do, test yourself on a variety of our favorites. Down below we have many tricky riddles with answers for you to conquer. Try them alone or challenge a friend.

These riddles are fun for all ages, from little kids up to full grown adults. Just make sure not to stick your little brother with the tough ones.

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